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Dr. Dean Allen

Dr. Dean Allen is originally from Somerset in England and has lived in South Africa on and off since the mid 1990s. Dean is a keynote public speaker and a best-selling author.


Currently a free-lance writer, broadcaster and associate lecturer at Nelson Mandela University in the Eastern Cape, he has previously lectured at universities in South Africa, the UK, Ireland, and Australia and has published widely on the history and politics of sport and society throughout the British Empire, most notably South Africa.


Dean is a popular guest lecturer and MC and has presented motivational talks and keynote papers around the world. He is ‘The Man Who Brings History to Life’, and is well-known throughout South Africa for his engaging and inspirational style. His onstage interaction with Laliboi makes for an exciting show.


LaliBoi (real name Siphosenkosi Nkondlwane) is a South African lyricist, musician and storyteller. The name LaliBoi means ‘rural boy’ in isiXhosa. This multi-talented vocalist and multi-instrumentalist has mastered his sound which is a blend of jazz and hip-hop, maintaining a tribal delivery in the sound and performance.


A student of African history with an appreciation of his cultural background, Laliboi’s rich storytelling abilities will be performed in both music and verse. He has previously worked with renowned producer Spoek Mathambo and also featured on the ‘To The World and Beyond’ Album by SunEl Musician on a track Umngani Wami. He has also been featured on Msakis award-winning album ‘Platinum Heart Beating’ on a track called 'Ndizicamile'. LaliBoi’s debut album Siyangaphi features singles like Emonti and Nomzamo - a tribute track to the late Winnie Mandela as well as his latest offering Somandla.


Laliboi is an international sensation having been featured in the French show ‘The African Dream’. His energy, passion and insights into our shared history will inspire and entertain.

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