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Our Nation Our Stories (ONOS) is a collaborative project that sees two highly different individuals come together to tell a positive story of a country that they are both passionate about. Their unique storytelling style is guaranteed to leave the audience both enthralled and entertained and wanting more. 

The ONOS  project sees for the first time an established author and a conscious artist come together on one stage to share their combined stories of transformation, resilience, and victories of the South African people. The platform allows the audience to be exposed to our shared history from different perspectives and to showcase some of the significant historical moments and people that have shaped our beloved country. 



What ONOS aims to do is to encourage positive dialogue and understanding about the issues and debates we all face as South Africans. We offer a unique opportunity to engage with transformation through an appreciation of our shared histories and cultures. 


The thought-provoking message will be delivered through spoken word, song and theatre. This unique style of performance coupled with open dialogue and audience interaction is set to entertain both young and old. It will leave audiences inspired to face the challenges we face as a country.

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